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About Us

Brittany & Leah, an Unbreakable Friendship Transformed Into an Unbeatable Partnership.


We’re female entrepreneurs and fierce advocates for women who are equipped, experienced and ready to help you transform your life from ordinary to extraordinary. We’ve honed our expertise and experience to provide women with practical and dynamic solutions for living a Fear-Less Life.


Our 2017 Challenge is to elevate 1,000 women to heights beyond their wildest dreams. We know it’s possible because we dared to believe and audaciously took long strides towards our goals. Now that we’re living our dreams we want to extend a hand to guide or haul you into the realization of yours. We’ve got it all, live streaming, group coaching, workshops and retreats all geared towards the rebirth of that magnificent person you’ve been hiding for too long. The true YOU!


Hi, I’m Brittany!

I’m the CEO, Chief Experience Officer of Brittany & Leah. What does that mean? It’s my professional obligation to break the mold of the experiences you’ve had to date in order to create newer, bigger and better life experiences. I’m a compassionate listener who’s truly invested in understanding who you are in order to provide no-nonsense strategies and relentless support in helping you become everything you’ve ever dreamed.


As a Creative Event Planner with a great sense of humor, I like to make the journey beyond your fears as much fun as possible. I hope you’re ready for blood, sweat and giggles.


Hi, I’m Leah!

I’m the CCO, Chief Creative Officer of Brittany & Leah. Which means it’s my proud mission to find out-of-the-box solutions for helping women to crush barriers that obstruct the life they’re yearning to live. I’m excited to put my energy and creativity into helping you make changes that will shake up your world.


I’ve been described as crazy-creative and the truth is I just can’t back down in the face of challenge so if that means inventing new ways to boost you into a better life, I’m all in. Get ready as I won’t accept anything less than fearless for your life.


We’ve created a complete and comprehensive package that provides the resources, knowledge and tools you need to get to the finish line. Whether your goals are based around you career, personal development, relationships or other, we’re a sisterhood that you never have to be shy to discuss any topic with. There’s no judgment here, just solutions.


Work with Us!

Live Streaming Course provides detailed guidelines and strategies for evaluating your current situation, making clear decision on your direction, setting out a course of action and taking direct steps meeting the best you.


We don’t believe in the cookie cutter approach to self-development. You’re unique and during the course of your journey you’ll face unique challenges. One2One sessions focus on troubleshooting your individual concerns and challenges to define effective steps for progress.


We host a number of professional and social events throughout the year from galas to happy hours and much more. To learn more about our upcoming events or book us for your upcoming event, please click below.

What Are They Saying?

I signed up for the program because it was about support. I am very happy with my decision. You only know what you know, and that is not enough to propel you forward with the audacity of something as big as your purpose, you need help. You two have a dynamic approach to living out your dreams.

It's (Event Living Streaming) different because it's like having live news reporters on the scene. That's cool. You ladies are fun and personable. I love that. You jumped right in and flowed I had my hands full and couldn't do it all.

The sense of camaraderie fostered an environment for tough love as opposed to feeling like you are being "coached at". They ask you questions that force you to think and then operate outside of your comfort zone. They leave NO room for apprehension or self doubt to even join the session leaving you with no choice BUT to say %*@# Fear!

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